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rs WJHC from two we

autor: ShelbaTaivy »27 grudnia 2019, 11:14

DUDE Im exactly the same Sweet.... Couldve Been is an amazing song. The illumia Album is just fantastic. Its different from the other TSFH albums as it focus more on fantasy, imagination, and emotions.

Be sure to get Thomas Bergersens albums. Hes one of the composers of TSFH that makes his own separate album and theyre just as great. I have Invincible as well and Archangel.

rs WJHC from two we

autor: WandaCar »21 grudnia 2019, 11:48

I can imagine your frustration regarding the wait. I am currently awaiting the delivery of a new camera and the return of my old QSI from service. That has halted proceedings on the AG12 commissioning.

The galaxy is just showing fine detail in the central bar and there appears to be two outer rings. Ill have to put that on my target list too. I look forward to seeing the colour version.

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