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Standing Fan

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About Us
Established in 1956, Guangzhou Light Holdings Limited (GZLI)has been standing by the prosperous & beautiful Pearl River for over half century. As one of the earliest professional import &export companies in China, we become an international trade group company which combined with import &export trade, domestic trade, warehousing &logistics. Also, we are one of the advanced companies for high quality and effectiveness ininternational business, one of the best 500 import &export companies in China, one of the best 100 import &export companies in Guangdong.
KOBO is one subsidiary company specialized in electric home appliances among GZLI's 11 wholly-owned subsidiaries. Based in pearl river delta, we have huge domestic supply network. Our products export to more than 120 countries and districts all over the world. Meanwhile, we purchase and import raw material and equipment for lots of domestic enterprises, introduces the international brands into China.
After half century’s development, we created lots of famous domestic and foreign trademarks, also stabilized large amount of clients and markets with the help of brands. Among them there are the very familiar names for domestic civilian such as “Triangle” electric rice cookers and “Diamond” electric fans etc. There also includes some famous historical brands which had great reputation throughout South-east Asia, Western and African markets, such as "KOBO" kitchen appliances, “Diamond” bicycle tires and “Champion” sports goods.“Triangle” electric rice cookers and “Diamond” electric fans both are Guangdong famous trademarks and well-known trademarks in national appliancesindustry.
"Triangle" electric rice cookers and "Diamond" electric fans emerged in early 1960s and were sold to the Europe, Southeast Asia, South America and 50 more countries and districts since then. As the first self-owned homemade electric rice cookers, Triangle had become the synonym of rice cooker in 1980-90s. Till now, Triangle rice cooker and Diamond electric fan are still best-selling in the domestic market with more than 18million units were sold every year.
Now we have 15 franchised factories, covering an area of 600000 square meters. Every day, a total of 8,000 employees produce about 60,000 sets of products, which were all certified by ISO, CCC, CE or CB, UL or other certificates. Molding, shaping, assembling, and packaging, all these procedures are under rigorous control so that the products of our brands can always meet the needs of the market and the clients. And our categories have been expanded to dozens of other products such as kettle, oven, induction cooker, pressure multi-function cooker, air purifier, heater, etc.
In order to express greater energy of our brands and make them into the international brands of Chinese home appliance products, GZLI is building a more than one thousand acres Brands Industrial Park, organizing the outstanding approved factories to join in, expanding the branded production line, enlarging capacity, improving the level of self-research and self-development, increasing the market occupancy rate continuously to spur the export of related products and the import of equipment. Meanwhile, the Brands Industrial Park has the innovation center and planning center of GZLI. It supervises the research & development of branded products and the decision of marketing strategy as well as undertake the OEM of various brands at home and abroad.
We welcome customers from all over the world to cooperate with us.Standing Fan